Top 15 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics On Bullying

An argumentative essay allows you to state your opinion regarding a certain topic, and to bring arguments that could convince other people. Since bullying is such a big problem in today’s society, it has to be treated with great care. You can’t write about it superficially, or to neglect the important aspects. Since the main purpose of this paper is to explain your perspective, you can mention personal things that happened to you to support your statements. Here are the most interesting topics on bullying:

  1. Define this term. For many people, this means just direct verbal or physical attacks and teasing, but it is much more than this. A simple gesture can be disturbing for other students, even if others don’t notice it.
  2. Present real stories. Discuss with students who encountered this problem and ask them how they solved it.
  3. Discuss with your professor. Ask his what measures he is taking to prevent this situation.
  4. Support groups. There are groups of students that offer help and support for their colleagues who encounter this problem. This might be the start of a very interesting project for your class.
  5. What triggers bullying? There are some aspects that make some children more affected by this than others. A slim constitution, a shy personality and so on.
  6. What should the parents do? Very often, the parents refuse to believe that their child could intentionally tease other colleagues. This is part of the problem, and it needs a solution.
  7. Videogames. Most of the teenagers play videogames, and many of them contain graphic violence. Do you think that this affects his behavior?
  8. Long term consequences. A child that is bullied can have a lot of problems because of this, starting with anxiety, depression or worst.
  9. School sanctions. This behavior needs to be taken very serious by the professors, and the aggressive child needs to understand that his actions have consequences.
  10. What makes a child tease his classmates? Is this an internal display of strength?
  11. Child abuse. Very often, children who come from families with problems end up having the same behavior.
  12. Therapy. What therapy methods could be used to help children that encounter these problems?
  13. Public perception of this behavior.
  14. Types of teasing. It does not have to be a direct physical attack to be considered as bullying.
  15. Mention your personal experience. Have you ever encountered this kind of problems?

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