Tips For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

What do you do when a teacher asks you to write an essay on any topic of your choice? You should have rushed for a compare and contrast topic. But before starting your essay, carry out in-depth research. You can as well hire an assistant for the writing, though doing it yourself will be the best option. Your topic should be fascinating. You should also follow the right procedure in writing the task. There is a lot of issues to choose from an endless list. An online platform can also help you come up with the best theme.

Major principles in writing a compare and contrast essay

The most disturbing question to the leaners is how to write the best compare and contrast essay. To help them answered the question, let us know the structure of this type of writing. The structure of this type of paper is similar to the other kind of essay. There are some slight differences from the first part of the article. The introduction comes with a strong hook, but the stamen problem retains the same structure as other essays. In the conclusion part of the piece, the writer should be able to summarize all the main points he/she used in the main idea paper.
Body paragraphs will depend on the stand of the writer. A writer can decide to focus on either the similarities, differences, or focus on striking a balance on both.

Choosing the best compare and contrast topic

You might be confused on choosing a good topic for the essay. There are a lot of resources to help you choose the best topic. You should be happy in case the teacher gives the liberty of selecting the topic for yourself. Below are some valuable materials to help you find a good topic.

  • Newspaper

    Newspapers are excellent sources of endless ideas. You can search for writing ideas on themes such as politics, current technological innovation, among other issues. Read about the expert’s opinions on various issues.

  • News from various media channels

    Spend quality time watching the story from different TV Channels. You will be able to get ideas from the current issues

  • Journals and magazines

    If you are interested in getting current information about religion, politics, economics, among other topics, turn on to your favorite magazine.

  • Internet

    The Internet is the perfect source of ideas on different themes of your choice. You can access the information at any time you wish using an Internet-enabled gadget.

  • Confreres and seminar meetings

    Attend as many conferences and seminar meetings as possible you will have an opportunity to get ideas from the current information.

    Compare and contrast essay topics for college students

  • Compare living at home to in campus life

    Such an essay requires you to share experiences both at home and on campus. Give the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Give a reason why you prefer either school or life at home.

  • College and high school education

    Both institutions have different opening and closing seasons. Discuss the pros and cons of closing the schools at these different seasons.

  • Full-time employment versus part-time jobs

    In your essay, discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of each.

  • Private learning institution versus public schools

    Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Compare and contrast essay can be an easy but challenging topic to write your paper. Do not rush to any topic. Take your time to research your best topic. By following the guideline, you will be able to choose the best topic and produce an excellent write-up. Follow the structure and articulate your idea clearly to capture the attention of the reader.


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