Measuring Time You Need for an MBA Application and Essay

Having a fixed schedule, but you need to make an MBA application? Time may not be on your side became of the busy schedules, but you need to make an MBA application before the deadline.  Application time may be challenging to most students, with the majority not having an accurate picture of how much time they need to complete an application. With many responsibilities and a full-time job, many do not heat the deadline for submitting their application.

You need a guideline indicating the estimated time for making an MBA application essay. Here is the breakdown of how best you can budget your time for the application

Identification of Your Strength and Weakness (12 Hours)

Utilize the first 12 hours of your time in identifying your strength and weakness. Map some of your career goals and unique qualities that make you different from the rest. Highlighting your strengths and weakness will give you time to showcase your capabilities and deflect your liability.

Solidification of Career Goals (20 Hours)

Some universities will need you to share your career goals in either application form or essay. You should be able to share both your long term and short term goals. Explain the goals your intent to achieve through enrolment to the university MBA. Your goals should be clear and realistic. You don’t need to state how ambitious you are in serving the world. Instead, focus on real and achievable goals.

Selection of Your MBA Program (18 Hours)

With your goals in mind, please find the best school that will help you achieve them. Looking at the school ranking will not help you select the best. Focus on the school culture and professionals from such schools. Review the career placement of recent school graduates. Interact with the graduates and researchers to help you choose the best school to support you in achieving your goals.

Matching Of the School and Personal Qualities (10 Hours)

After selecting the best school, take some time looking at their qualities. Get the best way to demonstrate your character to the admission officers to meet their institution’s expectations. Use your unique personalities and differentiators in your strength and weakness to guide your resume.

Crafting an Application Resume (12 Hours)

Most schools will require you to either submit a CV or a page of your resume. Work on your resume to ensure you are capturing the essential aspects that demonstrate your career progression. Your resume should be impressive and clear to the reader.

Writing an Application Letter (60 Hours)

The time allocation for writing the application letter may appear excessive; however, it is worth the activity. You may need to register over five similar drafts before producing the best write up. You may even need to budget an extra hour to ensure that you proofread your work to eliminate visible errors.

Working On the References (12 Hours)

Work with a group of professionals who know you and write you’re a letter to strengthen your capability and strength.

Completing Application Form (10 Hours)

Take time to review your application and ensure all your awards, personal information, among other necessary details, are filled.


Time is critical when planning your application letter. The time allocated above may seem excessive, but you need more time to perfect your work. Work on creating extra time for your application process.


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