How to Write A Perfect 1000 Words Essay Easily

1000 is just a number. When you are given the task of writing a thousand-word length of the essay, the process begins with the first word and before you know it; you are going to get to the destination. We have below a blueprint that will bring out the best results which will make the job easy than you least expected.

Quick tips

The first step starts with information gathering. Do not limit yourself in this area; gather as much info as you can on the topic. When you collect as much data as possible, you are going to have a cover that will broaden your base and add quality to your work.

Yes, this practice will be tedious, but it is a sacrifice that you have to pay you to aspire to achieve the best results. There are loads of info on the web on any topic; by limiting yourself to credible sources only, you will reduce the burden of too much data to play around with.

There will be a thesis statement that will form part of your introduction. You have to search for supporting evidence from credible sites that will justify your position. When you give clear evidence in support of your thesis statement; it will add legit to your work.

  • There are essays in the category of this word length online. Take a look at some of the samples; you are going to draw some inspirations going through them.
  • Make sure you crosscheck your outline when you are through with it. Read it again to make assurances doubly sure before you proceed to the next stage.
  • If you have a complete grasp of your outline, it will be easy to identify the most important parts of the outline and make body sections around them.
  • Avoid using ambiguous words. Make it as simple as possible for your readers. The use of common language and essay words will go all the way to help to add more value to your work.
  • Take a break. When you come back; revise your work again to correct any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Give it to friends or close acquaintances to read through. Your final draft must be error-free if your desire of getting high marks is to be achieved.

The structure of the essay

This essay type consists of three major sections. The words each section should be in line to balance out the word count.


The introduction should not be more than 100-200 words in length. It should contain the hook statement as well as the thesis statement.


This should contain at least three sub-paragraphs. The word limit should fall within the range of 600-800 words. Each sub-paragraph must contain a fact and it should be within the range of 200-300 words.


The conclusion is the last part of the easy. The expected range of words here should be between 100-200 words. 

Final thoughts

The measures above represent how students can easily get the best out of their 1000 essay assignments. However, if you are not planning to write an essay by your own, consider reading some clients’ feedback or this SpeedyPaper review, for example. This will help you figure out which services are worth your attention and which are not.


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