Defining the Purpose of an Essay for Different Situations

What is the Purpose of an Essay? The simple answer to this question is that an essay is a way for you to express your opinion on any given topic. However, there are so many types of academic writing assignments (e.g., argumentative, descriptive, narrative, analysis, etc.) that the purpose of an essay cannot be defined as a simple opinion piece.

What is the Purpose of an Argumentative Essay?

The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade a reader (or audience) to agree with you on a debatable topic by providing ample evidence and examples in support of your opinion. This is the most common of academic essays and is one that most students begin to learn to write in middle school. The argument one poses must be defended with accurate facts, figures, examples, and other types of evidence. The reader isn’t compelled to agree with the writer; however, he or she must feel the writer made a reasonable and logical argument in support of the thesis.

What is the Purpose of a Literary Analysis Essay?

This kind of essay writing presents a close examination and analysis of a literary work. For example, a literary analysis may be on the portrayal of female characters in Shakespeare’s history plays, or it may be on the use of color in William Blake’s poetry. It is often an assignment that only students of Literature or Language Arts (e.g., English, Spanish, French, etc.) will see, but it is such a mainstay in these disciplines that anyone studying these areas will certainly need to know how to write one.

What is a Statement of Purpose Essay?

Also referred to as the SOP, the statement of purpose is usually a brief 500 – 750 word essay giving the reasons why a student wants to attend a higher educational institution. It is usually required at the graduate level but can sometimes be seen in scholarship and grant applications at the high school and college levels. It is, in a sense, a way to tell the admissions committee about yourself, including your personality, goals, and reasons for wanting to get into a particular program. Aside from your grades, it is an opportunity for you to make yourself stand apart from other candidates and applicants.

What is the Purpose of Education Essay?

This type of essay is a bit different from the others in that it is specifically addressing a subject. It’s essentially an argumentative essay because it is asking the writer to give a reason for or against education. Is it so that students gain skills that will get them better jobs? Is it an outdated tradition that no longer applies to the modern world? There are several approaches to this. And like the argumentative essay, one needs to conduct ample research to back up all claims with evidence and examples.

There are myriad types of essays one will encounter throughout his or her academic life. It’s a good idea to build a strong foundational understanding of each through years of practice. But if one feels they aren’t quite ready to tackle any one type on their own, then searching for high-quality scholarship essay writing services is the best solution.